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Posted by Coroflot  |  17 Dec 2014

Work for Karten Design!

Karten Design is an award-winning product innovation consultancy located in Marina del Rey, CA. Their team comprises a talented group of designers, researchers, strategists, and engineers all passionate about creating positive experiences between people and products. Mechanical Engineers are the most critical team members in product development and act as champions of great design in function, aesthetics, quality and efficiency. They currently have an opening for a talented and proactive Junior Mechanical Engineer.

This position is focused on solving functional problems, creating multiple solutions, and developing product concepts via 3D and 2D documentation as needed to move a product successfully through development. If you have hands-on assembly or fabrication experience, that's a huge plus. To join this team and enjoy all the perks of a cubicle-free environment and working in Southern California, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  16 Dec 2014

Work for squareone!

squareone approaches design as an elaborate process of research, conception, aesthetics and initial engineering. Their key activities focus on the design of consumer and investment goods. They are looking for ambitious, self-reliant students with a distinctive creative potential who offer profound knowledge of software such as SolidWorks and Adobe CreativeSuite. How would you like to work in Dusseldorf, Germany?

You'll be working on a variety of interesting projects with deep involvement into each part of our design process as well as extensive insights into a dynamic design environment. If you are already hooked and can't wait to start working with great creative people on meaningful projects please send them your portfolio with a selection of your most convincing works. Apply Now!

Posted by Coroflot  |  15 Dec 2014

Work for Otherlab!

Otherlab are mischievous scientists, practical dreamers, working on making the world the way it needs to be. Asking: "Wouldn't it be cool if..." is an excellent place to start for this team. They have a strong track record of attracting research funding for early and risky ideas in areas such as 'programmable matter', robotics, solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, computational and advanced manufacturing, medical devices and more. Otherlab wants a Fabric Structure Designer to join their San Francisco team.

This role requires creativity and a solid design approach in order to develop and prototype fabric structures for novel powered orthotics. You'll need a BA/BS/BFA Degree in apparel design, textiles, garment engineering, industrial design (soft goods) or equivalent. If you happen to have a strong intuition with mechanical systems and are enthusiastic about robotics, even better! Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  10 Dec 2014

Work for Rich Brilliant Willing!

America's premier contemporary lighting manufacturer seeks to hire an experienced mechanical engineer to develop the best in lighting products. This job is about diligence, organization, passion, and winning! The mission at Rich Brilliant Willing is to design and manufacture lighting for hospitality and workplace environments, using technology, simplicity and creativity. With your engineering expertise, they'll create even more illuminating atmospheres.

If you have tons of experience creating, engineering, and detailing products for manufacture, you're great. If you have experience with LED lighting (color rendering, lumen efficiencies, beam spreads, thermal dissipation analysis, and binning) you're perfect. This is a great opportunity to make a big difference at a fast-moving startup. Don't wait - Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   9 Dec 2014

Work for PackIt, LLC!

PackIt is a rapidly growing consumer goods company that creates smart cooling solutions for life on the go. Never mind packing a bulky cooler with ice or a bag with ice packs - PackIt bags are the world's first insulated bags to make and keep things cold all on their own. With a variety of fashionable colors and patters, these bags look cool, too! Want to join in on the revolution? If you're a Junior Product Designer with Softgood experience, PackIt wants to hire you in Los Angeles, CA.

Ideal candidates for this opportunity are able to work independently, must be organized, take initiative, and are driven by a hunger for new knowledge. You'll support user, product, and marketing research as necessary, and demonstrate your knowledge of soft goods construction techniques, materials and hardware. Don't wait - Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   8 Dec 2014

Work for Utley's Incorporated!

Product Creation Studio is one of the Pacific Northwest's foremost Product Development groups. They have great passion and energy for developing products that enhance people's lives - think consumer, research, industrial and medical fields over furniture and shoes. The products they develop are made specially for Fortune 100/500 companies and Venture Capital start-ups, which means you'd get to put that on your resume if you get hired as their Industrial Design Intern.

How are your raw sketching skills? This team in Seattle, WA is looking for someone can support their design staff with concept sketching, prototyping, 2D collateral. While you will primarily be supporting on projects, having a 'no job too small' attitude will take you far. One day you may be working on packaging mockups, and another day you may be designing a watch or putting together inspiration boards. Apply Now to this exciting opportunity!

Posted by Coroflot  |   4 Dec 2014

Work for Palantir!

Uncovering human trafficking rings, containing the spread of infectious diseases, combatting fraud, stopping cyber attacks, protecting privacy and civil liberties, prosecuting complex financial crimes, providing relief to victims of natural disasters, and more. These are the issues and problems Palantir combats with their world leading data analysis products. With your Motion Design skills, you'll help Palantir accomplish all this.

If you are the right person for this role, you'll produce work that tells the complex stories behind their analysis, doing anything from concept to writing, shooting, animation, editing, and final delivery. Excellent communication skills and a highly iterative creative process are needed to succeed here, along with a mastery of tools, both digital and good ol' fashioned pencil and paper. Want to work for Palantir in Palo Alto, CA? Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   2 Dec 2014

Work for Reebok!

ATTENTION ALL SNEAKERHEADS- your dream job is waiting for you. Reebok, the original fitness brand, needs YOU to design the next Reebok Pump. That's right - the next iteration of that iconic, custom-fit sneaker that links technology and style could come from your inspired mind. Reebok wants to pay you and give you a sweet list of benefits to apply your super-duper passion for footwear to their brand.

You're the right candidate for this role if you are over-the-top into sneakers, you possess a broad range of impressive design skills and you are fluent in the ancient arts of footwear construction. If you are also awesome with humans and machines, including Adobe Illustrator; Photoshop and 3D software at an advanced level, this could be the perfect job for you. Apply Now to find out!

Posted by Coroflot  |  25 Nov 2014

Work for Design Partners!

If you are naturally creative and express yourself through fluent craft and hand work rather than through a computer, Design Partners in Dublin has a very exciting new opportunity for an innovator and prototype maker who is ready to broaden the fluency and creative output of their model shop. Design Partners is a product design and strategy consultancy that tunes in to ambitious clients and brings bold, unique product visions to life. Are you the new Model Maker & Creator on the Design Partners team?

They are looking for someone who is organized, precise, highly creative, motivated and ambitious. Hopefully you will have a technically diverse background with experience in the design industry and you will be ready to take on this leadership role in their new purpose built model shop and R+D lab at their Dublin studio. Don't wait, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  24 Nov 2014

Work for Johnson & Johnson!

With annual sales of $11 billion, the Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group is the world's largest, most innovative surgical company. The strength of the Global Surgery Group is illustrated by the fact that more than 80% of their sales come from businesses with #1 or #2 global market share positions. The Industrial Design|Human Factors team provides user-centered design leadership to business partners across several businesses within the J&J Global Surgery Group. How would you like to join this powerhouse brand as an Industrial Designer?

The best candidate for this job will embrace the various roles this position requires, using traditional sketching, digital tools, CAD models, and physical mock-ups to communicate unique ideas and product concepts. They'll also be a problem solver with a keen understanding of how things work who is self-directed and organized. If this sounds like you, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  18 Nov 2014

Work for Water Technology Inc!

WTI's global experience, accompanied by its partner firms, has taken indoor and outdoor water park development to new heights by integrating the latest technology in design, engineering and construction. When it comes to making water parks that are environmentally friendly, sterilized using the latest practices and technologically advanced centers of entertainment, WTI is a leader in the field. If you possess architectural, 3D modeling and presentation skills better than most and want to work in Brandon, WI, this is the perfect job for you.

Just make sure your resume and portfolio demonstrate your ability to masterplan both indoor and outdoor water parks, create architectural renderings, diagrams and imagery by hand or digital means and create water park theming sketches, renderings & 3D models. Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  17 Nov 2014

Work for SmartLab Toys!

SmartLab Toys makes educational toys with a book component for kids ages 4 - 12. They believe that kids learn best through hands-on exploration, so they offer that experience wrapped up in a fun toy and a cool book. This is your chance to unleash some serious fun with SmartLab as an Industrial Designer on their Bellevue, WA Product Development team. Your experience with full-cycle consumer product design will come in handy when you become responsible for developing outstanding products for SmartLab Toys.

If you are right for this role, you'll conceptualize new educational toys, executing the product design, prototyping, and refining the product in preparation for production. It takes 3-5 years of product design experience in toys/consumer goods, managing multiple projects (10+) at any given time. Don't let someone else snap up with great opportunity. Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  13 Nov 2014

Work for Brookstone!

Brookstone is one of the nation's most exciting specialty retailers, known for its high-quality, innovative products and gift ideas. They are committed to providing their customers with unique products that solve common problems in uncommon ways. And this philosophy translates into a corporate culture that's collaborative, creative and receptive to new ideas. How would you like to join the Brookstone team as an Industrial Designer and work in a dynamic and challenging environment where you'll have the opportunity to help shape a leading national brand?

If you're the right person for the job, you'll be responsible for the industrial design activities within the Brookstone Product Development Process for Brookstone Laboratory projects. You'll also be a team player with a strong work ethic who is willing to go above and beyond ("whatever it takes" attitude) to deliver time critical assignments without sacrificing design intent. Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  11 Nov 2014

Work for Gibson Overseas, Inc.!

As a recognized leader in the tabletop industry, Gibson Overseas values individual talent and problem solving skills in a team environment. They are the nation's leading producer of dinnerware, flatware, cookware, glassware, coffee and tea accessories, plus many more housewares products. They're looking for a high energy, creative individual that knows how to apply an updated traditional appeal to their designs.

If you have an eye for the "commercialized" needs of the market, have a portfolio that demonstrates advanced surface design capability and are experienced within the consumer goods industry, this could be the perfect job for you. This is a career opportunity for a FULL TIME designer to contribute, learn and grow. If you're ready to crush deadlines and deliver some impressive designs, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  10 Nov 2014

Work for Nike!

Working for Nike opens countless opportunities for their employees to sharpen their skills, push limits and uncover their potential. No matter the location, or the role, every Nike employee shares one mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. The Portland, OR Nike office has an opening for a 3D Lead II (3D Generalist) who will serve as a category resource supporting digital creation from ideation through go-to-market (GTM). Why not apply your 3D skills to the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories?

With a Bachelor's Degree in an industry related field and a minimum of 5 years continuous experience in related field, you'll be perfect for this job if you're ready to anticipate, develop and utilize new technologies that bring innovation to Nike's digital design processes. It also helps if you have experience with Marvelous Designer or Optitex. Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   5 Nov 2014

Work for Quirky!

Opportunities like this don't come along all the time. Quirky, the company that makes invention possible, is looking for a talented industrial design student or recent graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit to join their Manhattan based team as an Industrial Design Intern this fall! From roughly December through February, you'll have the chance to work with Quirky's product team and see a variety of products through from concept to completion.

The right person for this job knows everything there is to know about Quirky (research!) and is looking for a challenge. You also lean toward action and really know how to get sh!t done. If you have an enthusiastic and agile work style and possess the other requirements found on the next page, we recommend you Apply Right Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   4 Nov 2014

Work for Kinsa!

Kinsa is building something truly world-changing: the first-ever real-time map of human health. With their low-cost (and beautifully designed) smartphone-connected thermometer they're collecting the data they need to track and stop the spread of disease. Unfortunately, it's not easy to market and brand a scary subject like illness, so Kinsa needs a creative and solution oriented Senior Packaging and Merchandise Designer to help them tell their story and bring their vision to life.

If you have 3-5 years work experience in a design role within consumer packaged goods industry, strong grasp of the marketing nuances and best practices across various types of retail settings and a desire to use your skills to have a widespread impact on people, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Get your resume and portfolio ready and Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |   3 Nov 2014

Work for World Kitchen, LLC!

Some of the most recognized and trusted names in household products including CorningWare, Pyrex, Chicago Cutlery, Baker's Secret, Revere, OLFA and Corelle, come from the brilliant designers at World Kitchen, LLC. This impactful team is seeking a creative Senior Industrial Designer with great range: skilled at contributing hands-on design work and savvy about the business of new products. It doesn't hurt if you're passionate about the home, especially prepping, serving and storing food.

If this sounds interesting to you, Apply Now. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to an established design team and the mission of new product innovation at World Kitchen. Don't miss out, especially if you have high levels of visual literacy and have a solid understanding of the broad value of design thinking.

Posted by Coroflot  |  29 Oct 2014

Work for Pensa!

Pensa is a design firm with a strong track record of developing successful products and brands. At Pensa, that success comes from gaining a deep understanding of people, the products they use and the contexts in which they use them. Their DUMBO team is seeking a Senior Industrial Designer with exceptional story telling skills to join them on their mission of delivering the creative solutions their clients need.

Not only will you need 5-8 years experience working as an Industrial Designer, they're looking for someone with solid experience in consumer product design and the demonstrated ability to resolve 3D form language as the foundation developing brands. This is a fun team comprised of designers with multifaceted backgrounds, but every single person LOVES design. Get your resume, portfolio and cover letter together and Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  28 Oct 2014

Work for SRAM, LLC!

Would you like to:
Work on products that people love
Work for a great company in a fun industry
Have control of your design intent
Work on an industry leading design team

If you answered yes to these, love bikes and are an accomplished Graphic Designers, SRAM wants to hire you to elevate their mountain bike suspension, brakes, wheels, and drivetrain products through the innovative use of color, finish, branding, and graphics. If you have a proven history of developing strong designs and are skilled at working cross-functionally with people from other departments, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  23 Oct 2014

Work for Hasbro!

Hasbro does more than create some of the world's most beloved brands. They are a global, fast-moving and innovative company where employees have the freedom to think big, lead bravely and achieve success. It has been recognized for its efforts by being named one of the "World's Most Ethical Companies" and is ranked as one of Corporate Responsibility Magazine's "100 Best Corporate Citizens." Why wouldn't you want to join their team as a Senior Product Designer, focusing on Fashion Dolls?

They're looking for someone with previous experience demonstrating strong technical design ability for fashion doll development who is a creative thinker, experienced at working in a broad range of creative projects/assignments. If this describes you and you want to join this iconic company, Apply Right Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  22 Oct 2014

Work for Jacmel Jewelry

For almost 40 years, Jacmel has revolutionized the way that popular priced jewelry is merchandised and marketed in this country with its innovative packaging and in-store marketing campaigns. Their commitment to product development and consistently providing its customers with new product and the latest trends can be seen in their New York City headquarters. Among their growing team is an immediate opening for a Junior Production Artist - Packaging Designer with a self-starting attitude and plenty of creativity.

The perfect person for this role will have the ability to create hand cut and folded comps and technical drawing skills, in addition to experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, Word and Power Point. You'll be expected to prepare accurate press-ready print files for packaging and display manufacturers and help design packaging ideas based on projects & direction from customers, so get your portfolio ready and Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  20 Oct 2014

Work for Feetz!

In Chattanooga, TN, Feetz is challenging the most basic elements of the footwear industry. Mass Manufacturing is dead. Mass Customization is the future. They combine 3D design, computer vision, biomechanics, additive manufacturing / 3d printing, robotics, and material science in ways that will make you go "WOW". Feetz is also seeking the entrepreneurial game changers, the self-starters, and the team players to join their small funded startup team to create the future.

To join this team, you must turn ideas and sketches into manufacturable designs. You must know what it takes to make something real and have experience in the fabrication space - from additive manufacturing to welding to textiles. You should also want to enjoy all the benefits of living in Chattanooga. If you want to be part of solving big problems in a fast changing environment, Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  16 Oct 2014

Work for Nest!

Nest is growing and there's a lot to do. You've never had this much fun working this hard. Nest is passionate about reinventing unloved but important home products by redefining human interaction and its aesthetic quality with strong attention to detail. This Palo Alto, CA team is looking for talented Industrial Designer who will collaborate closely with Engineering, Operations and the User Experience group to fulfill the complex demands of modern industrial production.

This role requires a holistic and user oriented approach to create delightful products that are simple and easy to use as well as having a good quality build. The Designers accompany and influence the product development process from concept till ramp. Being a great team player doesn't hurt either, so Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  15 Oct 2014

Work for KLIM!

Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM has one mission - to improve your riding experience without compromise. From snowmobiling to motorcycle riding, KLIM utilizes the world's highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials. Does designing these products sound like a dream job to you? If so, you might be the Technical Designer their Rigby, ID team is looking for.

With a strong knowledge of apparel and computer skills, you adhere to deadlines like white on rice. You have advanced knowledge of fit/construction and costing, plus you're more than ready to be responsible for the development of product, from design to final prototype. Go for it - Apply Now.

Posted by Coroflot  |  14 Oct 2014

Work for Hazard 4!

'Progressive modular' is the Hazard 4 motto. Their products are designed to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. From functionality, materials selection, manufacturing techniques, through testing, quality-control and packaging, their customers can expect Hazard 4 products to be the most modern and cutting-edge available. If you are an entry to mid-level industrial designer with a knack for strong visualization, this job with the Hazard 4 team in Long Beach, CA might be perfect for you.

They're looking for someone who finds creative, relevant, functional, and aesthetically sound design solutions to complex design problems and challenges. The right person also creates high quality design packages to clearly communicate a product concept to an overseas vendor for accurate translation into a prototype. Step up to this opportunity to continue the strong tradition of building reliable products and Apply Now.